What is an Infrared Sauna?

An Infrared sauna gives you the right dosage of light and heat your body absorbs best so that you get the maximum health benefit. Unlike any other heater, our patented 3 in 1® delivers the perfect wavelength of each infrared wave, like dialing in a specific radio station. You get precise far, mid and near infrared and red light wavelengths for optimal results. Also, we innovated the 3 in 1 heater using 50+ data points from 37 3rd-party clinical research studies to create different combinations of each wavelength through our 6 pre-set health benefit programs. Made possible with NASA-inspired tech. Our SoloCarbon® coating delivers 95-99% effective infrared, meaning your body absorbs it almost perfectly. The LED panel gives you a built-in red/near infrared light therapy system to invigorate and rejuvenate from within.


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Sunlighten’s High Quality Infrared sauna promotes effortless, deep, productive sweat.  Infrared acts like a passive cardio workout improving circulation.  Infrared technology helps your cell health and overall immunity.  Preset dosage programs of far, mid and near infrared light energy promote your wellness program.

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